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Hotel Application
Empowering hotels
through an advanced mobile app
Expand your offer. Build a market advantage. 
Today’s business has never been more mobile.
That’s why we’ve created a product that gives hoteliers everything they need not only to sell conference space, but also additional services and your partners services.
The participants of the events will benefit not only from the conference but also from the hotel offer!

Generate more revenue. Become a market leader.

Up-Selling Your hotel will be able to present its special and personalized offer, e.g. restaurant, or accommodation, to a wide audience in an easy way.
Competitive Advantage Mobile Application as an addition to your hotel’s offer. Now your hotel can offer a complete conference solution for organisers using our application.

Digital Concierge

Step up your game by using AI to help attendees get most out of visiting your hotel. Hotel Application serves as a digital personal assistant to attendees, helping them find and connect with the right people and resources in your hotel. Deep learning technology in the app is the bridge between big data and business proposition. By adding an Ai element through chatbot you can automate and resolve most common problems quickly, and with no human input.

Other benefits

Enhance your brand Offer what others can’t. Be more innovative and lead the market.
Increase your income Sell not only venues for conferences, but also earn money by selling an event application loved and used by most innovative companies in the world.
Create new revenue channels  Connect with your business partners and offer their services through the application. Create your own affiliate program.

This is how complexity combines with simplicity

Thanks to the dedicated Content Management System (CMS),  the staff can manage all the data in the app in an easy way. Every update is visible in real time in the app. 

Business already loves our app

The most powerful products for business are the ones people already love to use.
Powered by Meeting Application. Trusted by most innovative companies in the world.
“Meeting Application is useful for staff, speakers, guests. It has a great user interface that makes it easy for guests to find all information.
I highly recommend this app”
-Taleen Ananian, Atlantic Council

Great Solution for Event Organizers

With Hotel Application you have all the tools and technology that event organisers need.
Deliver incredible events in your hotel.

Everything great in one app

Event wall A feed wall where users can start and follow discussions in threads.
Gamification Create competitions where users can collect points for scanning QR codes. Increase their engagement!
Quizzes Answer questions and collect points for correct answers
Real-time Agenda Manage event program in real time
Maps A static map of the venue
Push notifications Send unlimited notifications and stay in touch with your audience.
Analitycs Understand what your attendees value by getting complete insight into app usage and engagement data.
Photo booth Allow your attendees to publish photos. Organize a contest and let them vote for the best photo.
Event news Create an event news channel with images
Social media integration Present all your content from social media right in the app. 
Venues Google maps, building plans, info-rich spot profiles, categories, filters
Event resources  Present previously uploaded files presentations / PDF’s and more
Networking Allow your guests to send private messages, chat in groups and plan meetings.
Surveys Conduct surveys and get instant feedback.
Exhibitors Present info-rich profiles of exhibitors
Partners & Sponsors Present all your important event partners.
Beacon integration Attract attention to a specific place using various types of messages based on location of your guests
Audiovisual materials Upload photos, add music and videos from YouTube.

There are customers waiting for your offer!

Check how you can increase  your hotel revenue and how Hotel Application can empower your business.




I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in order to use the application functions. I agree to the processing of my personal data in order to: use the application functions, be contaced by our customer support and sales departments. Hotel application sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Wrocław, in 15 Św. Antoniego St., is the controller of the personal data. You may contact us using following e-mail address

Empower your hotel offer through an advanced mobile app

App available on
  Spółka we współpracy z Kvarko ASI sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt pt. „Platforma B2B wspierająca zarządzanie przestrzenią eventową w branży hotelarskiej (HotelApp)”, współfinasowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020, Działanie 1.3: Prace B+R finansowane z udziałem funduszy kapitałowych, Poddziałanie 1.3.1: Wsparcie Projektów badawczo-rozwojowych w fazie preseed przez fundusze typu proof of concept – BRIdge Alfa. Umowa o wsparcie nr 7 z dnia 06.06.2018 Wysokość dofinansowania projektu z UE: 960 000 złotych Łączna kwota projektu: 1 200 000 złotych